Through the Looking Glass

The Player, in the Seven Chambers Game, literally goes through the invisible glass.  Like Alice through the Looking Glass, they traverse across time and space, through this life and past lives, until the Player reaches the first of the Seven Chambers.

Once in the Chambers, contact with the other side of the glass reflects the present and past lives within the game.

Glass, a simple mixture of sand, soda, and lime, was first discovered by the Alchemists. Not being able to stop there, they experimented by adding boron for resistance to heat and cobalt to ‘pretty it up’.  Modern Alchemists added germanium to fibre optics to ‘speed it up’.

The Modern Alchemist, Steve Jobs of Apple, in 2006 asked Corning to make the glass for iphones; an upstate New York glassmaker.  It needed to be strong.

Corning Gorilla Glass

It had to be thin.  Electrical circuits beneath the glass need to detect the electrical charge where the finger would touch the screen.

Corning came through for Steve Jobs.  They created a modern day Looking Glass so strong that they named it Gorilla Glass, being able to withstand 4 out of 5 drops from waist height.  And it’s only getting stronger.

Soon it’ll be in windscreens, windows and table tops, informing us from beyond the looking glass via the embedded electrical circuits; information of the past and present reflecting right back at us.

On Saturday, we passed through the Cosmic Looking Glass as we entered the New Moon of Scorpio.

What will we see through this year’s glass?  The theatre of the physical world is up and running in the new Cosmic Cycle that started on the New Moon.

As Winston Churchill said, ‘It is a mistake to look too far ahead.  The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.’

In the month of Scorpio we might be able to see a link of destiny formed from our past lives through the embedded cosmic circuits known as the Astrological Chart.

We just need to put our finger on the Looking Glass.

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart