The Seven Chambers walkthrough: Mercury’s Tower explained

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Gain a greater understanding of the challenges and meaning of Mercury’s Tower in The Seven Chambers hidden object game.

After escaping Venus’ prison and breaking through the labyrinth, you’ll find the rising structure of Mercury’s Tower in the distance at the end of a long pathway.

Pass the tests and break the codes, and you’ll arrive at the tower’s base. While this might seem like a small element of The Seven Chambers hidden object game, Mercury’s Tower is actually integral to the overarching storyline.

The Seven Chambers walkthrough: the significance of Mercury’s Tower

In The Seven Chamber’s hidden object game, Mercury’s Tower represents the spine. The planets represent the chakras. The ascendant, fiery energy, the flame of the dragon, the kundalini, reaches the pineal gland to open the third eye.

In alchemical terms, the pineal gland is represented by the philosopher’s stone. Kundalini energy is roused, to rise through the chakras, to reach the stone of the wise.

Heard of GPT-3?  It stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and uses artificial intelligence (AI).  It’s a language generation machine-learning system, with the power to write novels and carry out research.

However, there are notable differences between the philosopher’s stone and the AI which fuels GTP-3. The stone represents our potential rise to meaning, whereas the artificial intelligence of GTP-3 is the fastest learning machine on the planet.

There is a fear that artificially intelligent machines will learn how to be human. But in reality, the real danger is that we become more like GPT-3. Day in and day out, we lose meaning when Facebook likes and viral tweets become the commodity of value, born out of an algorithm.

That’s why we should strive to find the philosopher’s stone. Our stone. Our wisdom. Our meaning.

Creating a clearer path in your life

It’s a challenging journey. First, you have to break down your labyrinth walls to find the path to your tower. But that’s the difference between intelligence and meaning.

To awaken the creative spark in your mind, you must find the source of planetary ascendancy that cannot be defined by an algorithm. The very thing that makes you far more than “merely intelligent”.

Mercury’s Tower is a reminder to reassess who you are and to develop ways to ensure the algorithm doesn’t consume you.

If you enjoyed this Seven Chambers walkthrough, download the game today and experience the magic for yourself.