The Art of The Alchemist – Cosmic Moments into Art

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart

What is the Alchemist?

Is it a person that messes around with lead and gold or is it something more esoteric; for example a person who uses his mind to alter reality.  Or perhaps a combination of the two.

What does a birth chart mean?

Does it mean that a person will have a great life if he or she has a great chart?  Well, if that person has a favourable chart it can make them lazy, with the potential consequence that they will not leave the level of the inanimate kingdom.  Or they can reach the vegetable stage and feel contentment.

Animal people make the most of their fate, but to be human, is to challenge their weaknesses as shown in the chart and change their Karma.

Is messing with Gold the movement of Sun’s aspect?  Is the Alchemist art the bringing down of Cosmic moments into the heat of their laboratory furnaces?

So many commentators have asked these questions over centuries of humanity and have left a trail of answers through works of art, buildings, writings and other expressions of cosmic influences.  If nothing else it’s one of humanities greatest treasure hunts.