The Seven Chambers

A mystical story of existing Alchemical and Astronomical Lore.

The Cosmos turned the fate of the Earth’s inhabitants every day.

Elasaid didn’t believe in astrology but the force of the planets and the constellations entered into her life and her many previous lives regardless of what she thought.

By unwittingly reading a passage of ancient text she opens the door to the portal of the Underworld.

Terrifying clawed beasts, the Flying Furies, clutch Elasaid and throw her into the first portal of The Seven Chambers.

Her only escape is to navigate her way to the Seventh Chamber in time for the Rising of the Phoenix along the Passageways and Chambers for the Souls of the Dead.

Along the way she battles with treacherous Fallen Angels, jealous Planets, evil constellations, tricky Alchemists, and manipulative Lost Souls.

Overcoming the darkness in the Chambers opens her heart to a Lost Soul, but the Lost Soul has been sentenced to spend eternity in The Seven Chambers.

What will prevail; her love for the Lost Soul or her desire for freedom?

Become Elasaid and battle to change your destiny within The Seven Chambers by mastering the Karmic influence of the Planets and the mysterious paths of the Alchemists.

Game is out and Available on Steam and Apple Store

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