Rhythm of Life

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In the Seven Chambers game, the players fight with time to find the rhythm of life.  To get back to reality.  How often in our daily lives do we fall out of line with life’s rhythm?  We don’t have enough time for this or that!

But this weekend, in the UK at least, we got an hour back as the clocks changed – except for the most famous clock, Big Ben – which is undergoing a major restoration.

We’ve lost the mechanical connection to time as our smartphones and digital radios have taken over.  The windup gears and cogs are resigned to the past unless it’s Big Ben or the NY Times Square clock, which is part of our shared history.

Time is a relationship. Our present distracts and controls us with tweets, stimulates us with LED screens and confuses the body with shift work, jet lag and late night parties!  We go down a Facebook or YouTube wormhole to return at an indeterminate time later.

Relationships can be fickle.  Time is no different. We have ditched a mechanical relationship for a digital relationship.

Long before the Babylonians invented their version of time using the chronometric scale, an ancient timekeeper still watches over life’s movements.  We retain a biological connection with time.  Our bodies align with the Earth’s irregular rotation using time-keeping cells with gene encoding proteins that accumulate during the day and deteriorate at night.

Time’s present distractions prevent us from making a connection with these cells that cumulatively align as the Circadian Rhythm – that most ancient of all timekeepers – The Rhythm of Life.  Cells hold onto the past if we let them.

Like a bad relationship, we don’t need to fight time.  Just make peace with it. As our Halloween-ish dark memories of the past float to the outer surface, plan for a brighter future. Change the memory cells by visualising a different outcome.

Drop the device’s distractions for a few seconds and tap into the Circadian Rhythm.

Connect to that Ancient Timekeeper and feel Rhythm of Life dance into a better year.