Mars and Venus – The Electrical Connection

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart

In the Seven Chambers game, the player enters the realm of each planet known as its Chamber, and in each of these Chambers, there is a metallic element associated with the Planet.

The ancient civilisations associated the seven planets with a metal.  Saturn was associated with Lead, Jupiter with Tin, Mars with Iron, the Sun with Gold, Venus with Copper, Mercury with Mercury, and the Moon was associated with Silver.

Metals are capable of conducting electricity at different rates.  If each planet starting from Saturn and ending at the Moon were linked with a cable made from their associated metal, as shown above, the electrical conduction would go on to become progressively better until it reached the moon with its silver cable.

The efficiency of electrical conduction in each of these metals seems to have a direct relationship with the speed at which these planets appear to move around the solar system.

How did metals arrive on the Earth in the first place?

Small, moon-like objects smashed into the then young Earth.  Billions of years ago, the Earth was bombarded by lots of objects, which are collectively identified as planetesimals.

As these planetesimals, or mini-moons, crashed into the Earth, their contents integrated into the planet adding elements such as gold, silver, iron and copper.

Iron was associated with Mars since the instruments of war were forged out of iron; on the other hand, the soft and pliable copper was linked with Venus because of its aesthetic qualities.

The two symbols representing the two dominant sexes were consequently derived from Mars and Venus’ astrological signs.

The link between the different sexes goes deeper and beyond the realms of war and beauty.  Women have about 20% higher copper serum in their blood than men.  Men, on the other hand, have about 33% more iron in their blood than women.

We are all Cosmic.  We were literally formed many moons ago and by many moons.

In the battle of the sexes, however, since copper conducts more electricity than iron, women can claim to be more electric!

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