Jupiter and the Extraterrestrials

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In The Seven Chambers Game, at the Chamber of the Moon, the gameplay focuses on the Music of the Spheres.  The player tunes into the strings of the cosmos in order to align the planets into a harmonious balance.  It signifies a conversation with the outer space.

From a radar antenna located at Ramfjordmoen in Norway, in mid-October, a transmission was sent to the possible inhabitants of planet Gj 237b over 12.4 light years away.

The group responsible for the transmission, Messaging Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, directed the missives towards the planet Gj 237b.

Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Jean-Michael Jarre, specially composed ten pieces of music for the transmission and, along with other earth tutorials, the combined transmission constituted the initiative, ‘Sonar Calling Gj 237b’.

Sonar Experiment

Critics of the transmission argue that alerting extra-terrestrials of our presence is a risky business while some might argue we’re always in communication with extra-terrestrials.

It is known that our day to day rhythms are affected by the Earth’s rotation and the Moon’s position.  They affect our bodily fluids and chemical reactions.

Blood coagulates at different speeds according to the quarter of the moon. This, in turn, generates the idea that our physical and chemical composition is in constant communication with the cosmos.

To support this idea one theory postulates that each planet has a definite effect on a distinct member of the glandular body.  For example, the posterior pituitary gland is ruled by Jupiter.  In addition, the pituitary gland is known as the ‘seat of the mind’ and correspondingly, the posterior pituitary regulates our emotional drives of poetry and music.

Thus, we don’t need to wait for a response from Gj 237b to communicate with the cosmos.

Sagittarius’ new moon entered under Jupiter’s influence on Sunday morning.  Jupiter’s sphere is already broadcasting to our creative side through the posterior pituitary.

The only risk of tuning in might be that we get to dance into a better year.