Fly me to the Moon – Going for the Combo

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart

In the Seven Chambers Game, Elasaid (pronounce El-Ah-Shaj) must ascend to the Chamber of the Moon.

Last week, the full literally moon came to us in the form of a triple – an amalgamation of a super-moon, the much awaited blood-blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.

A super-moon occurs when the moon comes close to earth in its orbit, a blue moon when it’s the second full moon of a month, and a lunar eclipse when the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon that creates the illusion of a red moon.  Hence the title – Blood-Moon.  A full moon of Aquarius.

This last time this combo manifested was in December 1982.

We, earthlings, are plotting our own combo directed back at the moon.

Elon Musk’s Space X venture reported that 2 private individuals have approached the company to fly them to the moon.  Space tourism is clearly high on the agenda.  A one-week trip is thought to cost around tens of millions of dollars.  It’s a brave investment even for those who have the money.

China and India have their eyes set on a different prize for under the moon’s surface is gold in them-there lunar hills and a source of Helium-3 (a non-radioactive energy source).  Their rovers are set to make scientific surveys of the moon’s surface.

Not to be left out, the UK is planning to build spaceports to launch their own commercial rockets.

But what about that moon?  What psychological gold lies for us under its energetic and magnetic influence?

According to astrology, the Aquarius Moon represents the possibility of change, the casting off of the old and embracing of the new.

We might just discover a seam of gold in ‘them-there’ lunar hills of destiny with the able help of a little Aquarius moon dust.

You don’t always need a rocket to receive something from the moon.

Space X