Dancing to the Cosmic Beat

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart

In the Seven Chambers Game, the player moves down through the history of many lives until they arrive at the root of all their lives, formed within the depths of the Seven Chambers.

As they embark upon their journey within the chambers, at the birth of all their causes, every action that the player takes impacts their other travelled lives outside of the chambers.

The world is beginning to be perceived as a many facetted organism, interlaced through the immaterial realm.  Environment, climate change, and financial security are all interconnected intrinsically and part of a systemic, well-orchestrated world.

We’re starting to leave behind the conditioned mechanistic view of this world where the mind is seen to be separate from the body, the body is seen to be separate from the environment, and the environment is seen to be separate from the world.

The old mechanical view is steadily waning.  At the same time, the systemic view is waxing.  Space is opening up in the Cosmos and deep within our inner space.  A new sustainable society is developing where its ways are aligning themselves with the planet.  The economy, technologies, and physical structures will need to be shifted to create a sustainable society that does not interfere with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.

As we wave goodbye to the Capricorn Moon and welcome the Aquarius moon in the earlier part of this week, where will we align ourselves in the coming year?

A new science is emerging to bring about a transformative change in the western worldview from that of a machine to a network.  The body, mind, brain, immune system, bodily tissues and cells – are all a living cognitive system connected to the Cosmos.  The awareness of a dance of co-operation with the Cosmos is emerging.

Thus, when the player in The Seven Chambers journeys through the Chambers, they are dancing to the Cosmic Beat.

Nothing can be understood in isolation anymore.