Clouds of Destiny

Medieval Medicine Astrological Chart

There is a part of gameplay within the Seven Chambers game where the player must gaze through the clouds that hang over a pool surrounding the Sacred Ibis.

The player must stare deep into the pool to find a part of their past. What the player witnesses will hold clues regarding a way out of the Seven Chambers.

Deep within a remote part of New Mexico, is the biggest most synchronised telescope in the world. It is arrayed as 27 radio antennas.  It’s uncompromisingly known as the Very Large Array and fixed into a giant Y shape with 21km between each arm.

Through the cosmic dust clouds, it has successfully discovered ice on Mars, delved into the shrouded centre of the Milky Way and witnessed cosmic explosions and collisions of neutron stars.  All of this by capturing the cosmos’ hidden radio transmissions through its 28 antennas.

US National Radio Astronomy Observatory

The Babylonians watched the universe too and though they may not have discovered ice on Mars, instead, they discovered a Cosmic Cycle flowing as death and destiny in the form of time from an eternal world.  This cyclic pattern repeated year upon year in diminishing degrees to affect everything from a human being to a blade of grass.

This week the Cosmos returned to the beginning of its cyclic pattern.  When we stare deep into our personal pool, or up above the heavens, we might find our destiny in the form of a Cosmic Cycle.

The Very Large Array commenced a project on the 7th of September to carry out the most comprehensive scan of the Cosmos over the next 7 years that will look even deeper beneath the Cosmic Clouds.  Astronomers are full of excitement and expect to discover great things.

Destiny calls upon us this week to scan beyond our personal clouds and align our desires with our Cosmic Cycle.  It might not be what we expect.

But neither did we expect ice on Mars.