The Chambers

A mystical story of existing Alchemical and Astronomical Lore.

Saturn’s Chamber

This is the first place Elasaid enters after being carried into the portal by the Furies.

She meets The Fallen Angel for the first time in the dark, leaden cave, and he sets her on the path through the chambers.

Jupiter’s Chamber

Elasaid faces the dark magic of the ancient Egyptians and must pass the test of the Black Isis.

She’s met the Green Lion who’s taken her deeper into her sub-consciousness, and Mercury, who’s introduced her to the 4 great powers.

Mars’ Chamber

By this time Elasaid comes face to face with a lover from a past life in Mercury’s fiery chamber.

Time and space do not exist in the chambers but it takes her a little while to understand that people can keep her prisoner to her past.

Venus’ Chamber

Elasaid is immediately kept prisoner by the Minotaur; Venus’ personal servant and keeper of the Labyrinth.

Venus is jealous of Elasaid’s power, the Azoth, where only a human can control the 4 Great Powers.

Mercury’s Chamber

With the help of the Minotaur, Elasaid escapes from Venus’ prison and breaks through the Labyrinth to Mercury’s Tower.

She finds the 4 Halls of the Great Powers that will open the gates to cosmic geometry.

Chamber of the Moon

Elasaid must play the strings of the cosmic harp to open the passage between the Chambers of the Moon and the Sun.

The two chambers are interconnected by the Philosopher’s Sea but only when she leaves Hamish behind.

Chamber of the Sun

The final test for Elasaid. She meets death.

In the final battle Elasaid pits her alchemical knowledge against the planet’s powers personified in Death.

Will she overcome Death’s claim on her Soul to return back to the world of time?

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