Celestial Mechanics – People and Planets

Elasaid’s journey is one to her heart, to find love, and the consequential changes that brings.  She suspects something is going on in the heavens that’s reflected in the movement of her heart.

The following is an extract from Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

From the worlds above, as the planets move around the Solar System they undergo stresses and eases as their bodies and field-forces conjoin, oppose and angle each other.  These geometric relationships fall into three main classifications:  tense, neutral and relaxed.  An analogue which illustrates the principle well is a room full of people who continuously pass and relate to each other in a friendly, indifferent or hostile manner.  When there is an unusual set of planetary relationship there is usually an exceptional response created on earth.  These either temporarily disrupt the balance of the regular rhythms and give rise to wars and natural disasters or focus in such a way to precipitate particularly unusual events to manifest, like the birth of a civilisation.

Therefore if we go back to the analogue to all those people in the room, and they took a moment to relax and look into the heart of another, the question is, would that change the world’s events?

Elasaid reaches back into the past to find out.

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