The Mesh

The Mesh Over the centuries, an archetypal character in the esoteric literature by the name of Hermes Trismegistus weaved a way through the centuries with the phrase, ‘As Above, So Below.’ He features in the game ‘The Seven Chambers’. In today’s global world, the phrase carries more resonance than ever, as [...]

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Mars and Venus – The Electrical Connection

Mars and Venus - The Electrical Connection In the Seven Chambers game, the player enters the realm of each planet known as its Chamber, and in each of these Chambers, there is a metallic element associated with the Planet. The ancient civilisations associated the seven planets with a metal.  Saturn was [...]

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Shadow Worlds

Shadow Worlds In the Seven Chambers Game, there is a scene where the player is taken into a shadow world; this is a dark reflection of Jupiter’s Chamber where the player is challenged to overcome the dark side of Jupiter’s expansive and seemingly limitless energy. Astrophysicists have long discussed the existence [...]

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