Art, Science and a Cosmic Wave

Art, Science and a Cosmic Wave

In the Seven Chambers Game, art is used extensively to create the scenes. However, it is the science that informs the Game Play.

NASA also uses these two seemingly opposite forms of reality to build a connection between the objective world of science and the subjective world of art.

The artist interprets the data of the NASA scientist to create a visual image, infusing it with mental and emotional life so as to inspire the viewer.

The science of life is to explore the darkest facets of our universe; in doing so, we are able to transform nature into art by translating its signals into a visual image.

So what would NASA’s artists and scientists make of the waves triggered by the August Solar Eclipse over the United States?

As many as 2,000 satellites discovered tiny waves rippling from the eclipse like a bow wave in the ionosphere. The ionosphere forms part of the stratosphere and its atoms are already influenced with cosmic radiation, implying that the wave from the eclipse is cumulative to the overall cosmic influence.

The fascinating yet complex relationship between the Sun, the Moon, as well as the stratosphere and the ionosphere of the Earth is being studied closely.  Perhaps one day, NASA will reveal a commissioned work of art on the effects of a Solar Eclipse.

Until they do, the cosmic influence of the eclipse continues to impact our internal world.  Paradoxically, the realization of its cosmic influence is not by going outward into the universe but flowing inward into the real self.

If an astronaut were to take a journey into space a million light years from earth, they would still occupy a finite location within cosmic space. Only by turning inward and bringing ourselves to a singular pointed centre in the present are we able to transcend time and space.

Then we turn science into art by being everything, everywhere – permeating throughout the Cosmos.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and exciting 2018 as we ride the cosmic wave and turn the game of life into art!

NASA and Art