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Elasaid (pronounced El-ah-sahj) didn’t believe in astrology but the force of the planets and the constellations entered into her life and her many previous lives regardless of what she thought.

By unwittingly reading a passage of ancient text she opens the door to the portal of the Underworld – The Seven Chambers.

Her only escape is to navigate her way to The Seventh Chamber in time for the Rising of the Phoenix along the passageways and chambers for the souls of the dead.

Along the way she must battle with treacherous Fallen Angels, jealous Planets, tricky Alchemists and manipulative Lost Souls.

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The Seven Chambers Planets
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The Cosmos turned the fate of the Earth’s
inhabitants every day.

Seen through a past life; the Battle of Culloden in 1746, Elasaid (pronounced El-ah-sahj) is taken by Winged Furies into Saturn’s chamber.

There, she encounters the Fallen Angel, who pretends to be a friend whilst secretly working for the tricky Mercury.

Elasaid carries the Azoth- a dormant power she has not yet activated – that will give her the dominion over the planets and constellations. Mercury wants to suppress that power.

The Green Lion comes to her aid, setting her straight on the path to the Chamber of the Sun, where she can rendezvous with the rising Phoenix and escape from the Planets’ clutches.

To make the Seventh Chamber on time Elasaid must solve the mystical puzzles of the ancients with the alchemical tools she seeks to aid her quest.

The Seven Chambers Characters


The Seven Chambers Elasaid


Elasaid, (pronounced El-ah-sahj), is being prepared to learn the apprenticeship of The Seven Chambers.  She learns how to awaken the Azoth – a secret power to overcome the constellations and planets – whilst stuck in a deep coma but guided by Dr. Hermes Trismegistus in the sacred and hidden art of the Alchemists.

The Seven Chambers Hermes Trismegistus

Dr. Hermes Trismegistus

Dr. Hermes Trismegistus is one of the few alchemists who knows all its secrets.  He takes care of Elasaid in hospital and communicates to her deep subconscious.  He guides her through The Seven Chambers with messages and signs so she can use Alchemy to deflect the planets’ desire to capture her Azoth.

The Seven Chambers Hamish


Hamish is a Lost Soul, destined to spend out the remainder of his time in the Chambers as a punishment for a misdeed on mortal earth.  When he meets Elasaid he measures his chance of escape through the Magnum Opus she carries – the ancient manuscript of the Alchemists – by trying to capture her heart.

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